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This is my Iphone 8 plus case collection for 2018
Mentioned Iphone 8 Plus case links:

Kate Spade Iphone 8 Plus Case Gold/Gray Polka Dots

Apple Iphone 8 Plus Case Pink Sand

Kate Spade Iphone 8 Plus Case Rose Gold

Iphone 8 Plus Glitter Liquid Case

Apple Iphone 7/8 Plus Case- Sea Blue
Discontinued at Apple Store

Kate Spade Iphone 8 Plus Case- Dusty Pink

Speck Iphone 8 Plus Case Pink with Glitter

Iphone 8 Plus Case MK- Could not find the link

Other products used:
Michael Kors watch:
Lashes Ardell Wispies:
Camera Used:
Microphone Used:
Lock Screen Wallpaper:

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  1. Giiiiirl i am worse than you! Lol i have so many cases and my stupid ass buys them full price! Lol I totally forgot about TJmaxx, so thanks for enabling me and my bad habit! Lol 😂

  2. i just got a new phone and in one week i already have 5 cases 🤦 i need to stop myself before i end up with a hundred cases lol

    update : it's been 11 days and i got 12🤦

  3. Bonitos case pero deberías mirar más a la cámara y no hacia abajo xd creo que estás viendo como se ve el iPhone en otra pantalla

  4. I have a case just like your Kate spade case, except the dots are colorful, it was only 5 bucks, and came from Walmart.

  5. I have a black 8, love itt! My mom is really overprotective about things that are expensive and I don’t blame her! So, I’m not allowed to have a an un-protective case. If you know any cases that are cute & protective, let me know!❤️

  6. who else hears the backround music and thinks about '' Logan u are my hero'' loll i just thought it was funny

  7. 13:23 that iPhone case really well in your iPhone 8 Plus because its gold or rose gold not sure but it's so cute! I love your channel already!


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