Prague has so much to see, and do. We highlight 20 Things to do in Prague. Hope you like it!

1. Old Town Square 01:33

The old town square is a great place to start your tour of Prague. Churches, memorials, a Gothic church, food stalls and places to sit.

2. Astronomical Clock 02:14

On the hour every hour the clock rings out and huge crowds gather to see the underwhelming but worthwhile clockwork show.

3. Naše Maso snack bar 03:05

Specialty butchers that’s also a hot spot for great lunch. Pick your meat, watch it cook and find a space to eat it in this very popular and busy store.

4. Kafka Memorial Jewish Quarter 04:20

Kafka was an important novelist for Prague and you will see memorials for him all over town and here in the Jewish quarter of the city.

5. King Kongs Balls 04:43

You see sculptures all over the city, some weird, some funny and those that are just down right creepy. This one falls into the hilarious and tactile, go give those balls a rub!

6. Street Food 04:49
There are food stalls all over Prague, old Prague ham and chimney cake are the most popular.

7. Lokal 05:25

A chain restaurant all over Prague that offers hearty Czech food and beer.

8. Book Tower at the Municipal Library 05:57

The library may not sound exciting but the Book Tower in the entrance hall is pretty clever. Stick your head through the hole and be transported into a infinite book tunnel. Free to view.

9. La Bodeguita del Medio, Cuban bar 06:20

There are hundreds of bars to choose from, we found this Cuban bar great for strong cocktails and a party vibe with live entertainment.

10. River Boat Tour 06:42

The river boat tour is a must and the 45 minute river and “little venice” trip is a great way to see a different perspective on the city whilst taking a break from walking. The cute wooden boat chugs you across the water and into the canal area which is very picturesque.

11. Charles Bridge 08:43

Steeped in history and dating back to the 14th century, you cannot miss Charles Bridge as it’s the most likely how you will get from one side of the river to the other. A tourist meca it’s always busy and and full of street artists selling or performing.

12. Piss Sculpture 09:59

One the more unusual sculptures, features two men peeing into a pool of water. You can SMS the sculpture and have the it write your text in pee, into the pool!

13. Narrowest Street in Prague 10:37

Listed as the narrowest street in prague this tiny street is easily missed but if open worth a quick detour to walk down. It uses a traffic light system to get you though!

14. St Nicholas Church Tower 11:00

Climbing towers in Prague can be expensive. This one is only a 100 Czk and gives great views back over the river, Charles Bridge and the Castle. 215 steps and 3 levels get you to the top with great views of the city.

15. Shopping 12:32
There are plenty of shops to keep you occupied if that is what your into. The ones as you head up the hill towards Prague castle are particularly nice. The streets and architecture around this area is stunning.

16. Prague Castle 13:14

Dating back to the 9th Century, the Castle and grounds are the largest in the world. You will spend a lot of time walking around and can do so for free. Look out for the marching guards as they change sentry posts though out the day!
17. Ride the Tram 16:00
Getting around town on a tram is cheap and a great way to move quickly. It easy to do just make sure you pick up a ticket first and validate it when you get on.

18. Dancing House 17:24

Built in 1996 this contorted building has become an icon of Prague. Now a hotel with a roof top terrece for drinks

19. The head of Kafka 17:56

The amazing, shinning head of Kafka is a must see.

20. King Wenceslas on upside down horse 18:35

An updside down horse rode by King Wenceslas, one of the more bizarre sights!

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