Few industries have been hit as hard and as fast as the travel industry during this pandemic. From cruise ships to the airlines, as Jackson Proskow explains the future of travel will be very different when the world recovers and reopens.

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  1. The future of travel will definitely be different. I had to cancel a special news report I was making on the future of travel because the pandemic hit before I could publish it. Everything has changed, but I think it will be for the better. The travel industry was unsustainable in its former state.


  3. Ya thanks Trudeau and liberal government. Planes and boarders of immigrants and students coming to canada meanwhile boarders closed? Why are we taking "students" when school is cancelled due to the rona? I hope the government is proud destroying lives of all canadians and helping ccp communist china realize theirs at our expense.
    Side note: this host looks like michelle phifers clone.

  4. Temperature checks don’t prove you have Covid tho😂😂 flu gives you high temperature, so does stress, and dehydration

  5. This is what the Chinese Communist Party has down to the world . I am hard put to determine a greater assault upon the world and humanity . Anyone who doubts what the CCP has done is in complete and utter denial .

  6. BERLIN (AP) – The European Union’s top diplomat has called for the bloc to have a “more robust strategy” toward China amid signs that Asia is replacing the United States as the centre of global power.
    EU foreign affairs chief Josep Borrell told a gathering of German ambassadors on Monday that “analysts have long talked about the end of an American-led system and the arrival of an Asian century. Former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair has airily dismissed U.S. President Donald Trump’s leadership during the Chinese coronavirus pandemic, instead harking back to his work alongside China, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama as examples of how global inter-governmental cooperation can win the day. His remarks in an interview with NBC News last Friday followed an earlier intervention in the crisis when his own globalist think tank claimed it is “embedded in governments around the world,” ” “When I think back to the times when I’m dealing with American presidents whether it’s Bill Clinton or George Bush, Barack Obama as well, the most important thing at a time like this is to say, ‘How do you bring the world together?”‘ EU: ‘End of American-led’ World and Rise of One world for China is Happening Before Our Eyes’

  7. We didn’t sign up for this . We have been robbed and Forced To do this. This could have been preventable.. heart breaking 💔 . Good luck everyone, love you all ❤️

  8. Hey. Does anyone remember seeing all of those protesters getting killed by the police in China ? It was going on right before the "pandemic".

    … Also, If you check Rebel News, You will see that we have incoming flights from China every day at Vancouver Airport.

  9. Airlines are not MAKING 60 million dollars / day…I like how the media says LOSING 60 million dollars / day. How can you be LOSING when not USING resources. If you're not at FULL operation, then you're not SPENDING; therefore, not LOSING … you're SAVING..MONEY IN GOD WE TRUST

  10. I'm not sure temperature checks will be useful. Your temperature changes throughout the day and at different parts of your body.

    I don't think many old people will be going on cruise ships.

  11. If we all just stopped paying taxes the government would have no money and according to Tony from Scarface "First you get the money THEN you get the power" no money no power. Understand currency is not money and you can't print money. This is a joke but also kinda true.

  12. Cruises are boring I never been one but what is the point? Just being on the ocean for how long? Not seeing and exploring the city you’re in? Not walking around on an island or country?

  13. "The new reality". Lol

    You idiots said if we behaved and flattened the curve we would be good to go about our lives. Cut the crap already. Time to get back to normal

  14. 8 billion world population and 320000 deaths that = to a mere 0.0004% Aids and Cancer has more deaths and they never shut down the world economy..mmm

  15. Any mode of transportation that uses a shared vent system or enclosed space will 'share' moister laden air from one area to the next affecting those most of all with a weak immune system. I'm so glad I'm fashionably poor. lol

  16. The beginning of this video… Those are numbers that mean absolutely nothing. Out of those ppl who said they would travel, how many have actually travelled outside of Canada in the last 5 years? Ppl can say lots of things, but it's what they do… I hate these kinds of surveys. All they do is muck up the facts

  17. I dont think this segment could have been more pessimistic and less informative if you tried🤷‍♀️. Just attach a 2012 movie teaser at the end of it.

  18. People who seriously care about this world having a HEALTHY natural environment, some day again, would NOT take any trips on cruise ships, which are quite notoriously known for causing severe pollution of the oceans, which already are badly impacted by human-caused pollution. It's amazing how much people don't CARE and just prefer to live spoiled lives, spoiling themselves, when it doesn't happen due to others. " Ignorance is bliss ", says a now long old expression, and it's sort of true, but only about very ignorant people. We could think that some very bad polluters are just awfully ignorant, but I doubt that all are, for surely some commit this harm quite wittingly. Such people might finally LEARN, if they happened to POISON themselves and their families, when and because of wittingly committing pollution.

  19. Vaccine is not the answer. What happens when another super virus is unleashed?

    This is an economic war to defeat probably the greatest country in the world.

    Let’s just stay home so people will never die again

    This will end abruptly once power shifts

  20. New reality? We don’t need any “new reality”.

    10 years ago 1.3 billion with a B people got infected with the swine flu and later studied numbers put the deaths at upwards of 600,000.

    We stayed on airplanes.
    We went to restaurants.
    We went to stores.
    We went to our jobs.
    We went on vacation.
    We went outside.
    We went about our lives normally.
    No one cared. No one did anything. No even noticed.

    Fast forward a mere 10 years. 4 million with an M are infected and if you even believe the death numbers 300,000 have died. Thats 4 million. Swine flu was 300 times worse. 300. There is very solid anecdotal AND EMPIRICAL evidence that the US death numbers at least are vastly exaggerated. And what have we done? We have wrought untold destruction on the entire world. For what??

    None of this is adding up. None of it makes any sense whatsoever. Its so outrageous that there has to be another agenda at work behind the scenes. Has to be!

    Its sad to see that the world’s people are not thinking for themselves applying logic, reason and common sense. This is a world of followers. Not thinkers. Not leaders.

    Its a sad state of affairs……when-or more appropriately if-the world ever returns to normal it will be interesting to compare the number of deaths caused by this irrational over reaction to the actual number of deaths from CV…actual CV….not someone with a failing heart that has a heart attack while they have CV.

    Every death matters. But we need to act logically with reason and common sense. And from a simple evaluation of numbers I can only conclude that we are not.

  21. I've only ever been on 1 cruise. Myself and 2 friends (all girls) and it was a lot of fun. That was several years ago. Hubby and me were thinking of doing a cruise next fall……not any more! If we can travel next fall we might do the Cabot trail. Maybe go yurting @ Fundy National. Even if travel IS allowed we are not leaving Canada.


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