GAY FRIENDLY CITIES | Best Countries for LGBT People to Travel (by continent)

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  1. As a person from Croatia, if you want to travel there just be carefull not to show a lot of affection in public cause people aren't really that acepting. The only thing ligal is to 'be lgbt' i guess so take that how you will. Im honestly so sad about that, cause as a bisexual myself I have not come out to anyone but my best friend who is also bi 🙁

  2. This is a consideration for us everywhere we travel. We want to see all areas of the world… but knowing that it is literally illegal to practice "gay acts" in certain countries is just simply not worth visiting for us. Thailand has become our go-to country. Although they are quite conservative with regards to PDA, we have felt totally comfortable as a gay couple all over Thailand. Thanks for this comprehensive video. We just subscribed–would love to be YT friends!

  3. Philippines has a lot of gays too 🌈🇵🇭 although gay marriage is not legalized yet but its a gay friendly country too

  4. Hey Tristan! Great video, I've found Australia and New Zealand amazing for gay travel so far!
    I'm a gay backpacker, I hope you will check out my channel too. Love your videos!

  5. New Zealand allows gay marriage and gay/lesbian, discrimination laws and has gay pride parades.. You forget Manchester especially in the Chanel district.

  6. I would like the cities of: Caracas, Venezuela. Bangui, Central African Republic. Georgetown, Guyana and Amman, Jordan join this list.

  7. Don't forget that here in Brazil homophobia became a crime last year. and the hate crimes you talked about are mostly against transgenders, as a cis gender you're not likely to face any problem at all. I show affection on the streets and I'm not even from são paulo or rio.

  8. you forgot atlanta … but ur white so maybe u never visit there but it has a great gay scene mostly black though

  9. Duh it was really interesting to watch u speak … I loved u every second and u speak so quick man it was amazing! ♥️♥️🌈 Also whenever u visit India let me know I can show u the city of Delhi … @_sugar_fudge_ that's my Instagram! ♥️

  10. lol europe is not safe everywhere turkey is also europe for example not a good country to travel to as LGBT. do you think the rainbow map is a good indication for countries to go on holiday?

  11. This video is lifeeeeeeee!
    Absolutely love it, will you be bringing out more?
    Our style is quite similar, check out our channel!

  12. 1) Buddhism isn't the dominant religion in Asia, Islam is.
    2) Not all predominantly Buddhist countries are gay friendly. I'm Sri Lankan, which is predominantly Buddhist and homosexual acts are considered a criminal offence by the penal code with a maximum penalty of 10 years in prison. Homosexuality is also quite taboo within Sri Lankan society. With predominantly Buddhist countries it's their colonial history that matters. Thailand was never colonized by Western Empires, hence the openness.
    3) China's in East Asia, not South East Asia.
    4) The dominant religion in South East Asia is also Islam, not Buddhism.
    5) The Middle East is also part of Asia (West Asia).

  13. Tristan interning clip, thanks for sharing .

    I just watched ur clip on Singapore & my gay brother, u gotta take a Xanax, smoke some 420 or have 3 Long Island Ice Teas because you SPEAK SOOOOOO rapidly that it really takes away from your incredible content !

    I lived n NYC for 18yrs & have NEVER encountered someone that spoke as rapidly as you .

    Why do u do this ?

    Your awesome, your content is cute & ur handsome .
    Please slow down.

    On another note,
    I instruct for Crunch in CA.

    Keep on teaching, training & transform our trips with ur tips !

    Huge Hugs
    Your Friend in Fitness,

  14. U forgot Palm springs. Rainbow flags everywhere. The White Party! No not racist shit. Muscles and disco and more gay friendly hotels w naked dudes enjoying poolside physical affection. Everyone there enjoying the performance art. LOL Not sure why I'm not there now LMAO!


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