There are 76 countries that criminalize homosexuality and/or gender expression or identity, and some of them popular travel destinations that gay couples may not realize are precarious. Fox News learned the destinations that are the safest and most dangerous for LGBTQ couples.

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  1. I would like the cities of: Caracas, Venezuela. Bangui, Central African Republic. Georgetown, Guyana and Amman, Jordan join this list.

  2. I turned off the volume and let the video play to the end so my down vote sticks.

    Fox News is run by the same folks as CNN.

  3. Nice to see this video in a conservative news network. It is sad to see so many homophobic conservatives in the comments section, though. I hope young Republicans are less homophobic & racist than traditional older Republicans.

  4. Nice to see so many people who still live in the medieval times and are getting butthurt because thier beloved fox news have the deceny to be kind and accepting of all individuals.
    Well you go fox news!!
    And for the people who think the LGBT community is anything but normal people , honey i feel pity for your puny bigoted minds.
    Having an opinion is one thing but most of ya'll literally are murderes and would be delighted to see people who arent like you die.

  5. Realistically. In 2019: The Philippines, Japan, Taiwan, Guam, and Thailand for Asia Pacific.. None for Africa… Israel for the Middle East.. Spain and Greece for Europe.. Canada for North America.. Brazil, Venezuela, and Colombia for South America..
    If you want to go anywhere else openly LGBTQ, you may end up threatened or worse. I am not American, so my worldview is a little less sheltered

  6. May I ask why this video has so many down votes? I'm confused. They weren't cussing or being mean to people in this video?

  7. Looking at this comments section makes me kinda feel sorry for gay people…..they got more haters than us Jews.

  8. After viewing the comment section I have feeling 9 out 10 Fox News viewers would love to stone a queer to death just for shits and grins.

  9. Soon many EU countries might be added to the "no go" list. This entrepreneur should also provide safety tips for travel in the EU and Russia. "Rick Steve's Europe" channel could learn from this…and provide real safety tips.


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