What is this whole drama really about? Gender? Psychological Abuse?

00:00 – What Shallon Lester did & her defenders
02:09 – Man vs Women? Gender War & Group Think
05:00 – How both Genders can Abuse.
06:00 – PUAs, Incels & Manosphere vs Shallon & “Female” Content
07:00 – Cancel Culture & Double Standards

09:10 – I’m not only defending Men
11:00 – Deflecting the argument. (Lemons vs Oranges)
13:15- The Divide between Male & Female
17:00 – “Stay in your lane” + Racism
19:26 – My Direct Experience with Manipulation

21:27 – Celebrity Gossip isn’t the Problem
23:00 – If a young girl takes Shallon’s Advice
26:47 – Imagine if your Son or Daughter met Shallon.
29:00 – Why her past action’s still matter
30:48 – My Experience with Bullies & Abuse.

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  1. She needs to be put in mental institution i swear 🤮 she just disgusts everyone and if anyone is a fan of hers, they need help too. Period

  2. I’m shooketh with how many perspectives my mind is processing with this situation, thank you for showing some light to this

  3. what a rare creature you are, very grounded and clear. absolutely beautiful inside and out. https://youtu.be/wAvOXqrhd74

  4. She mentioned that vegans are psychopaths. I was like, oh no, that's too much of a generalized idea. Despite her commentary on people, that was a linear perspective on people's love for the animals.

  5. Thank you for opening my eyes! Ive been a fan of hers for 2 years and I've been emotionally invested as a fan of hers during /after a very bad breakup. Its why there's still a lot of these fans defending her, once they're emotionally invested and feel like she's helped them so much, it' s really hard to listen to other people criticize her. But since I'm no longer in that dark place in my life, it's easier for me to open my eyes and see all the red flags. If you go on her reddit "shallontourage", it's the case for a lot of her former fans. The rest well… they're still very broken by whatever life crisis they're going through and they just cant handle all the criticism against her. They choose to be in denial because they have no one else giving them advice, guidance, empowerment in their lives. She's cultivated a virtual toxic "feminism" cult.

  6. You just said no one was “Entitled” to tell you that if you speak about lemons that you must talk about oranges as well but now you are saying that if people defend Shallon that they should go defend those other channels as well… You are brilliant in your own way but you’re also entitled and you don’t even know it…

  7. Immensely out of topic but,have you ever gotten called a girl before,yeah yeah I know your voice is clearly a male but have you. Christ you’re pretty.

    I’m new here, sorry.

  8. Okay i was a fan for a long time and am still sad about the situation. I've been following her over 2 years and most of the time i felt like she was just giving the harsh truths about life. Confidence is warm blooded, never lie to yourself, use peoples situations as learning opportunities, go to therapy, communication is important…. This was the message i received and the stuff she said about celebs was like whatever cause it was mostly gossip or opinions, at least thats how it sounded to me. But she did become worse or started to show her true colors probably cause the attention boosted her ego. I know shes too toxic now and ive been too dumb and ignorant in the past. I think we as her fans are just confused about how to process the fact that we"ve been living through her advice and if the percieved progress we've made was all wrong.

  9. there’s so many double standards when it comes to gender it’s ridiculous. gender doesn’t matter when it comes to being a bad person. if you’re a bad person you’re a bad person lol. your gender isn’t gonna save you from being a bad person.

  10. Interestingly, AFTER watching shallon videos out of curiosity, I got MGTOW videos recommend to me. Not sure what triggered shallon being recommend to me but she was as well. That could be based on other factors but I hadn’t come across any of these channels until watching Shallon as far as I can recall. This is as a man who had issues with shallon’s videos and I am glad she’s being called out.

  11. I’m sooo glad people are talking about her I used to always hate watch her (don’t ask I like being miserable) kind of like why people were still watching onision🤪

  12. You have so much wisdom beyond your years but more importantly you have such insight to human psyche. I think you are the covert super hero this generation needs at least for your followers and listeners. I think the world needs more clear headed person like you. You have the wisdom but also the gift of gab and it is amazing to see how you found one of your many hidden talents. I hope you continue to follow your dreams and remember every wisdom and every knowledge you share with the world have just as much ripple effects as all the negative energy everyone else is spewing out there. I have one quote for you which is "believers come in groups but seekers walk alone." You may never find one person who completely understand you but you will find many different people who understand different aspects of who you are and you will be OK with that. When you genuinely understand how amazing you are that you have this much understanding and insight to what humans were meant to be, you will find your peace. You found one of many life's purposes and I hope you continue to find inner strength and inner peace. You gave me so much hope for our future generation. Keep up your amazing work!

  13. Ok this has nothing to do with this but I trust you to speak on China blaming black people for the pandemic. Great video 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  14. I have a degree in Psychology and I can 100% say that in tests that seek to show levels of compassion it was found that women were faster to anger, more brutal and had less of a conscience when causing emotional pain. Women are more likely to lie for the long run…. Basically, they cheat but do not get caught. They lie and do not feel the need to ever come clean. This was only a few tests but dude… The level of flipped is honestly frightening.

  15. This video perfectly articulates a concern I had trouble trying to put into words. As bad as Shallon is and as much damage as she is causing, what really makes me sad are the people further down the chain of causation who will end up hurt. Shallon's attitude has the potential to hurt new victims long after people stop paying attention to her. Pierre, keep up the great content.

  16. This goes to show how traumatized we are as a collective.
    Abuse and manipulation have become a norm for too many people, and especially those who are not aware blindly re-enter the cycle of abuse. Be it as victim or perpetrator. It’s what many of us have come to see as ‘normal’. It is not, and it shouldn’t be because it is inherently toxic and thus unhealthy for the human psyche.
    We need to have a conversation about this, we need to question when any form of media normalizes these behaviors and we need to take a good hard look at ourselves whenever we willingly accept such kind of statements.
    This is not about cancel culture, and in my opinion this isn’t and shouldn’t be only about Shallon – however the conversation needs starting points. And Shallon and her followers make a grand example of this part that has become seriously twisted within our society.
    We need to change and we won’t be able to unless we are willing to have this dialogue and be honest to ourselves and others.

  17. As someone that’s my share abused. And for a long time. From different people. Ones I thought that were close to me. People that should of taken care of me but failed me. It really becomes hard to trust in people. And from being gaslighted. It’s really hard to trust yourself sometimes. It’s a miserable existence. I feel like I’m going crazy. Something is wrong with me. I’m not supposed to be loved or happy. And it’s very confusing. Abuse is abuse. Regardless of who does it. Why they did it. I understand they could of had their trauma. But it doesn’t mean we can spread the trauma. And people like shallon who teach and speak this way will make trusting all that much harder. The blows that much deeper. And she’ll make people that are as wounded as me or more so believe this is how they can maintain control. No one will ever hurt them cause they will manipulate the other person to their liking. Etc. and all that will come of it will be a trail of broken people. It’ll be hard to grow and move on from. It’ll take time to recover. Who knows If these people could have a relationship in the future. And I also found it upsetting how hard it is to have a proper conversation about things. It’s important to talk. Express what you want need and have to share. The anxiety of expressing yourself thoughts and ideas so you may learn and share but instead get torn to pieces by people that think they know better. It’s not useful. At all. It prolongs progress. It slows recovery. It like the art of sharing ideas and having proper discourse died. And as it is we are already too much in our heads. Really now. We need to calm our anger and out egos and look at things at times objectively. Of the greats from our history were so temperamental and subjective. Nothing would of been done. Did MLK rage and scream when he wanted change. Did he tear the discourse and rob the opportunity for people to speak share and relate to the struggle. Did he silence the opposition cause it conflicted with his own. No. He calmly spoke his truth and his views and allowed the people among him to process his points and then develop their ideas on it. Ideas and knowledge were always a danger in history. Thats why they burned books or withheld the ability to read. But for ideas to spread. We neeeeeeeed to have discussions. Even for hard to talk about things. And you know sometimes it’s the people outside of a situation with the best solutions because they aren’t bogged down from the weight of the situation. It’s a non biased opinion. Those are very helpful and relevant. So over all I’m happy er are having these discussions. I hope they bring awareness so that a culture and a people we can stop being so toxic.

  18. #shallonlester is the epitome of the landscape in how shallow our society really is which is why people like me prefer animals over humans. I was always an extrovert and love meeting people but now am a converted introvert because I just cannot stand people anymore. Our society is sick and narcissistic! It’s scary that Shallon Lester stans even follow her and worships the ground she walks on. That just speaks volumes on our humanity as a whole and where we are heading going forward. Very, very, sad Pierre. Shallon Lester used to be an editor for the tabloids so it makes sense she is what she is but her actions and her words definitely carry the weight and she could be held accountable for the things she conveys. I love how you speak so eloquently on this subject. Thank you. New subbie here!

  19. I'm not even interested in relationships anymore. Being manipulated over the years caused me to look at things differently..
    People haven't changed for me, they just changed how I see them..

  20. Thank you Pierre for speaking up on this, you are very fair in how you explain this topic, I truly appreciate your insight and I hope that others will see the positive points that you make🌹🌹🌹

  21. also another point that you made on relationships these days also has me thinking. I am also not that old yet and I have experienced nothing but pain from other partners, family, and friends alike. Its at the point that I am actually afraid of other people and would prefer to be alone than to be subjected to them. Maybe its my fault for the people I chose to hang around or something. But the way I am just tends to get me walked over and since my voice is the quietest no one listens. I really like that you speak up about these things because I feel stronger knowing that someone understands how I have felt my entire life.


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