This is a tutorial I made for the hacking games by hosted games and choice of games text based games. I hacked one of the hosted games in this tutorial is The Great tournament. However, One can use the same technique to Hack any game by hosted games or choice of games.

There are many independent and talented writers on hosted games and thus support them by purchasing their games.

I don’t monetize my videos but do leave a like if it works for you and comment if have any query.

What you need for the tutorial

Total Commander File manager :

Lucky patcher

Stepwise guide:

1. No need to use Virtualxposed for it, it’s your choice.

2. Simply open total commander and browse to the apk file you want to hack.

3. Open it as a zip file and extract all its content to where ever you like.

4. Go to the extracted folder and browse to asset folder to my game and then scenes.. You will find a file named startup and startup.jsoc file. You have to edit these files to get the desired values. It varies from game to game thus you have to figure out which values you want to change. Also keep in mind that values you change in startup files should be same as the values you change in jsoc file.

5. When it’s done, select all the files in extracted folder and zip it again. Though make sure to rename and adding extensions of.Apk

6. Now open lucky patcher, and select rebuild and install option in lower right corner. Select it and browse to the place you created the new modified apk. And select rebuild and then without license verification from option. When it finished. Simply install that apk file and that’s it..

You have done it. 👍


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  1. Lol it's so many works to do. I easily hacked the game using Hack App Data tools. It's without root needed and more easier.

    Anyone want to learn how to do it from me just contact me in instagram

  2. Faster way to do it for me is just by using Apk Editor. You can just edit the json files, no need to edit the txt one and it will change.

  3. Hi. I love what you did over there. I need some help. So I did that and it worked but when I progress in the game it just crashes. Any idea what to do? Is there like a max limit for the stats I could edit? Thanks

  4. Hey man, I followed the instructions thoroughly but when I tried to install the new apk file, it says it failed because it was unable to parse the package and that it was corrupt. Any ideas on how to fix this?

  5. Can you please write down the steps by step… You're going too fast… And its not even explaining what to click what to ad please if you could just comment down the steps


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