This week, I answer questions about why I travel solo, how to make friends as a solo travel, and give you my dubious perspective of the LGBT scene in Southeast Asia.

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  1. Got any questions for next week's Q&A? Leave them here in the comments. And don't forget: top commenter of the week gets a prize!

  2. So whats next for your travel plans?? I really wanna visit thailand next month but im scared of course and i wanna make friends too

  3. Looking at lgbt travel packages helps you in choosing the best suitable tour for you. If you are looking to plan lgbt friendly tours in your upcoming holidays, then it will be quite helpful for you to contact lgbt travel agencies.

  4. I love traveling solo. Totally stress free and I always manage to meet new friends everywhere I go, just be social.

  5. Hi JP, I really enjoyed your video, and could totally relate! I went traveling solo in 2016 solo, I went to Burning Man, San Francisco and México and I would not have had the amazing experiences, met life long friends found true love for the first time, if I had of been having to negotiate my schedule or at worst baby sit a co-traveller! I definitely wasn't lonely, burning man, hostels and a group tour in the middle, and with tech I was always connected to home (even when I didn't want to be!). My next big adventure will be moving to México or Colombia to teach English for at least a few years, so it should be quite an adventure- I really have to work on my Spanish!!

  6. I knew you was gay. I guess cause I am to…so I just could figure it out. solo seems like you are your own boss, but you always welcome here in Texas if u passing threw. (stop to visit)
    how do u manage any fears/anxity?… especially knowing people might treat u different if they feel u are gay (sadly there is a lot of homophobic people in the world and if u "seem" gay people may and do treat u different…how do u overcome your fears? have u had any bad comfortations over being gay and homophobia????
    love u bro! peace 😎

  7. I totally agree. I just started travelling on my own (last summer) and at the beginning I was a little scared at the idea but 2 days in I was already the happiest person on the planet. There are lots of reasons to travel alone, as you mentioned, you make your own timetable, you can follow all your interests without compromising anything, you have time for soul searching, you get to come out of your shell and talk with many like minded people, you have experiences that you couldnt have if you were in a group, also you have to do everything yourself, there is no one to help you manage tickets, money and you learn a great amount of new things that will give you amazing confidence and a feeling you can really rely on yourself. I am not saying that group travel is not fun, it can be, but after having travelled for three weeks accross Thailand and Malaysia alone, all I can think about is when I can do it again, for longer. (July 2017 – August 2017) 🙂

  8. Thanks a lot for your sharing, I definitely agree with you! May be the core meanings of solo traveling are finding yourself, staying alone, making new friends through the trip in foreign countries. PS: never miss the Nepal in your SE Asia travel.

  9. Enjoyed your videos– Im flying to Thailand next week, hope to visit Bangkok, Hua Hin and Chiang Mai. Any other suggestions?


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